Fennel Seeds / सौंफ SuperFood For Weight Loss | Hormonal Balance, Digestion | Benefits & Recipes

Fennel seeds one of the most powerful herb in the world that helps in a lot of health problems. From weight loss, to lowering bad cholesterol, boosting brain power to hormonal balance, treating indigestion to healing any respiratory disorder fennel or aniseeds have multiple health benefits for you. Today, I will share with you the basics of fennel seeds, its health benefits & some recipes.

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  1. seemanshi goyal says:

    Fennal seeds khane s breast increase hota h pls rply plz

  2. rinsa rum says:

    Keya period mey fennel seeds Khana Accha hey yea nehi

  3. kóòl aashu says:

    Thank u manju di ♥️

  4. Nefelibata says:

    Is it helpful for belly fat ??

  5. Priyanka Agrawal says:

    Very nice information.. Plz tell me that should we drink Fennel tea on empty stomach or after meal?

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