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Fall is the time to improve your Colchester lawn.
Top three things to do for your Colchester lawn this fall.
1. Lime your lawn: most lawns in Colchester need about 20 pounds of pelletized lime per thousand square feet to maintain a healthy lawn. A Colchester lawn that is a half acre in size needs 400lbs of limestone.

2. Fall lawn fertilizer: Fall is the best time to fertilizer your Colchester lawn. Use a slow release natural organic lawn fertilizer for best results.

3. Lawn seeding: the best time of the year to seed your Colchester lawn is September and October. The fall offers cooler
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temperatures and frequent rain fall. If your Colchester lawn is thin or summer damaged, over seeding with a slice seeder will produce the best results. Use a high quality grass seed from Scott’s or Jonathan Green that has been blend specially for New London County and Colchester.
Watering the newly seeded areas daily is very import. Follow up the seeding with a natural organic lawn fertilizer.
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